Why You Keep Comparing Yourself to Others Online

Mobile phone with Instagram logo on the screen

Social media can be a difficult place to navigate, so it is important to create healthy habits when browsing online. This blog will recommend ways to do this, as well as exploring why comparison is the thief of joy…

1. Half of Your Screen Time Is Spent Aimlessly Scrolling

There’s no shame in admitting it; you jump from one social media channel to another until hours have gone by. ‘Doomscrolling’ is defined as scrolling through news or information, even if it’s upsetting or disheartening. When comparing yourself to others, it can be very easy to ‘doom scroll’ and consume media that makes you look negatively upon your own life. It is important to schedule screen time into your day and know when to take a break from it. Spend time away from a screen by engaging in hobbies and fitness activities, as well as spending quality time with family and friends. This will take your mind off what other people are doing and make you more grateful for your life.

2. You’re Not Following the Right People

Lots of people use social media as a highlight reel and focus only on posting the good bits. It can be very easy to forget that everyone has good days and bad days when you are so used to watching people’s good days all the time. Follow people who are genuine enough online that they share their struggles and hard times too. Accounts that aren’t afraid to share their worries or hardships every now and again can be comforting. It is important to feel inspired by what you see online rather than demotivated and self-conscious. It can take time to transform your social media feeds into places of motivation – but it can be done! Filtering out the stuff you don’t want to see can really help.

3. Lack of Confidence and Belief in Yourself

If you view yourself in a negative light, you may be more susceptible to comparing yourself to others. Next time you feel yourself comparing your looks, lifestyle or achievements to that of others, catch yourself doing it and ask yourself why! Writing down the things you want for yourself in life and all the things that make you happy can change your perspective massively. These things don’t have to be huge; they can just be small goals or activities that you love. It is so important to view yourself positively rather than wishing you were someone else, somewhere else.