3 Tips for online personal branding!

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When it comes to branding yourself online, are you too focused on viral content and authenticity? Personal branding online can be a great way to build a community and grow your business in the process, but consistency is something that people struggle with!

In today’s blog we will outline 3 tips for getting started with creating a presence online. Whether you’re new to showing your face online or not, there are ways everyone can make their social media work for them!

How to build an identity online

Building an identity online can take time. Whether you’re new to social media or not, establishing this identity online involves consistency and planning.

Decide what sort of content you would like to post about can also help you develop an identity. Will you be posting a journey, a hobby, a brand or are you looking for a community that relates to you? Of course, you could post about all of these things, however if you’re new to personal branding, sometimes having a starting focus can be useful.

How to be yourself online

Being yourself online can bring a unique value to your social media that others might not have. Don’t try and replicate someone else – people want to feel that they can relate to you and your content. Overtime your content will flow, but it’s important to bear in mind that for weeks, and possibly months, your account won’t be a hive of engagement! People will start to notice you more once you’re consistent with your story. Aim to post daily, even small updates, and engage with other people online. Engaging with others is so important to building connections and being inspired.

Why you need to focus on consistent content NOT viral content

Focusing on viral content can be a recipe for disaster. This is because viral content can be a slow process and doesn’t always make your content cohesive. Consistent content is a long term plan and will help you build strong connections and a history of content for followers. Viral content can be a great jump start, especially for exposure and sales, but it should not be a goal. Make your content flow!

We hope these tips were useful! If you have any questions, or would like to know more about building your social media – get in contact today! @fran.bella84 & @quirqofficial on Instagram!



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