How To Use Social Media in Your Selling Process

Woman holding phone looking at social media

Social media has become a powerful tool in generating sales and expanding reach for businesses online. Whilst social media can seem an overwhelming place to navigate at times, there are small steps that you and your business can make to grow your platforms and use social media to your advantage!

1. Building Influence on Social Media

In the past few years, influencing has taken social media by storm. This is because influencing is a versatile marketing skill that can be done on all social media platforms. For example, over 1 billion people worldwide use TikTok, with 33% of users having made at least 1 purchase of goods through TikTok shop! Sales from goods can come from paid advertising by TikTok accounts, showing others why a product is worth buying.

Influencing is not just limited to goods. To boost your business’ reach on social media by influencing others, it is important to provide useful and credible information about the product or service you are endorsing. If your aim is to create a presence for your company on social media, and make sales through this, then showing the people behind the brand can be useful. Sharing tips and information that are relevant and new can position your business as one that people trust and recommend to others.

2. Choosing Social Media Channels That Support Community Building

Community building is a great way to create connections and consume content that is useful to your business. Establishing your target audience and ‘dream’ buyer is an important first step to take to ensure the community you build, or join, is beneficial to business growth. Fill your feed with positive, inspiring, and informative content!

3. Using DMs (Direct Messages) To Answer Questions and Engage Prospects

Social media connects you to profiles and communities from all over the globe. You are also able to narrow down your reach to businesses and people local to you. This means that you have some control over the audience that you can create on social media. This is useful for identifying and communicating with potential buyers. For example, you can communicate indirectly through content that you post, or you can communicate with them directly through messages.

Selling doesn’t happen overnight. It can be a lengthy process – but it’s worth it! Growing your social media, gaining confidence with video content, and influencing and building strong relationships is key to long term development. The more you post – the more you will grow.

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