How To Create Video Content for Social Media

Lady holding a phone looking at Instagram

As reels become one of the most popular features on Instagram, there is no denying that videos are just as important as posts at conveying information and updates to your audience. Sometimes it can be uncomfortable to show your face on camera when you are used to hiding behind a business account, but this could be a development in the growth of your online audience!

Here are some tips on how to be brave with content creation…

1. No Scripts! Let Your Personality Shine Through

this is a key part of filming your video! Reading from a script can make your video seem too rehearsed, and you could end up with a video that doesn’t flow naturally. If you are prone to forgetting your words, write down short notes or prompts for each topic you are discussing. It is best to talk openly about a subject you are passionate about because this will generate genuine interest from your audience, as they will see this shine through.

2. Talk to the Camera Like an Audience of Friends

this can be the easiest way to help you become comfortable speaking to the camera. Pretend you are on a video call with friends or family, telling them about the subject of your video. This can help you feel more at ease, and it also means that you might speak more naturally on video. This is a good tip for beginners who want to improve their confidence.

3. Keep the Cameras Rolling

keep going even if mistakes are made! It can be really tempting to panic and start your video from the very beginning but sometimes leaving in small mistakes can add to the reality behind video creation! If you feel that you really struggle through dome of your dialogue the best thing to do is just take a deep breath, carry on and edit the video in its entirety at the very end. This way you aren’t getting frustrated or forgetting which video is which.

4. Make Sure Your Captions Are Engaging

this is key to engaging a larger audience. Not everyone watches their videos on full volume, usually due to their location for example, at work or in a busy environment. This is why captions are vital for getting your information across without the use of audio! Not only this but captions also grab people’s attention whilst they are scrolling. Using a good strapline, or emojis can elevate your videos and overall content creation.

Remember, above all else, content creation is meant to be an exciting chance to engage your audience. Don’t worry if you find it difficult to begin with, and don’t feel shame if it’s not your biggest skill – it’s always good to try something new on social media. Videos are growing in popularity on platforms such as LinkedIn too, especially due to the ‘Live’ feature. If you really want to make the most of video creation, finding the right platform for you and your business might be the best idea.

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Good luck!