How To Influence People in a Work Environment

Two women looking at a laptop while drinking coffee

As a manager or team leader, it is important to consider ways to influence and motivate your team. Being able to work as a team can lead to increased productivity and levels of well-being in the workplace, so this is why your influence is vital to progress. Here are 3 ways that you can engage your employees – for free!

1. Show some empathy, ask about the people you work with, and be genuinely interested in that person!

This can sound like an obvious tip, however lots of people overlook the importance of getting to know the team. You spend most of your day with your colleagues, so you need to make the work environment a nice place to be! Not only does this create cohesion between the team, but it also means that your employees will appreciate you taking the time to get to know them past their work lives. It doesn’t have to be too personal either. It’s nice to know their interests and hobbies outside of working. Maybe share something about yourself first. Lead by example!

Tip – organise team days to ensure people interact outside of a work environment.

2. Build trust and be someone that the team can rely on

Your team need to feel motivated by working with you, so this is why teamworking skills are so important. Spend valuable time with your team and show that you are always there for a call or a chat. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable too, that’s another good way to build on trust. This will all take some time though.

3. Think big for others

Make sure your team are all on the same page by sharing your visions and discussing your goals! When you start to think big your team will do the same! Encourage brainstorming and innovation amongst your colleagues. Keep them in the loop when you have new ideas or when new projects are on the horizon. This can help your team to work collaboratively towards the same goal.

These are just some simple tips to get started.

We hope these have helped you think of ways to positively influence your team!