How To Support Local Businesses This Christmas

Storefront of a small local Christmas shop

With Christmas fast approaching, it can be tempting to look online for those last-minute deals. However, by sourcing presents locally, you could make a huge difference in small business owner’s lives and help businesses flourish in your local community. Fall in love with shopping locally this festive season.

1. Visiting Christmas markets

Visiting Christmas markets can be a wonderful way of supporting local shops and food businesses. Whether you are attending to buy craft presents or just for a fun family day trip – you are still doing your bit to support smaller businesses. The more tourism a market attracts, the more likely they are to sell. It also increases the chances of the market being held the following year.

2. Appreciate the more thoughtful options

Handmade gifts are sentimental and can be brought out every year rather than being disposed of. Gifts can be personalised and unique compared to generic presents that you can bulk buy online. For example, decorations for the house and tree can really add colour and originality to your home. However, not all presents must be Christmas themed. Clothes, accessories, and cosmetics can also make unique handmade presents when sourced locally. Similarly, handmade edible gifts can also be a great idea for buffet tables, workplace presents and stocking fillers.

These gifts involve a lot of effort, and sometimes it can be worth spending that little bit extra knowing that someone’s creativity and time is being rewarded.

3. Encourage others to pursue their dreams of owning a small business

Spreading the word about shopping local can motivate others to not only shop locally too, but to follow their own dreams of owning a small business. Christmas can generate income but also creativity, and this should be encouraged in those who may be putting off starting their own business ventures. Sometimes people lack the confidence and support, so this is why shopping local can help more people than you may realise.

4. Having patience

Christmas is the busiest time of the year for shops and hospitality due to people planning trips with family and friends. Reduce the pressure on those working this Christmas period by showing compassion when things are running slower than expected. Smaller businesses are more likely to struggle during busy periods so always make sure to show understanding and give a smile whenever you can…

5. Spread the news with others!

Whether you are posting pictures of markets on social media or hanging up handmade bunting in the office – spreading the word can help attract friends and colleagues to new local businesses. Recommending a local shop is free to do and will take you no time at all but it could really change a business owner’s Christmas.

So, before you click ‘add to basket’ consider the changes you could make this Christmas just by going the extra mile for someone else. Exploring local businesses might create new shopping habits for your new year too, if you discover places you love right on your doorstep.