Accountants for Sole Traders

Future Cloud are your accountants for sole traders offering accounting, advice and guidance for every step of your amazing journey.

Being a sole trader is a fun and exciting way to get started in business. You get to be your own boss, work with amazing clients and build your sole trader empire every day.

As your accountants for sole traders, we’re here to help you every step of the way. We know how much you love being a sole trader, but we also know that the accounting side of your business can take all the fun and enjoyment away.

That’s why we offer you a stress-free, fixed accounting fee personalised for your individual needs. So, you can get in touch and enjoy as much support, advice and guidance as you need. All without worrying about being billed for every phone call or question!

Sole Trader Accounting Sorted For You

As a sole trader, you should be loving every second of building your business. Not stressing or worrying about your sole trader accounting.
But that’s easier said than done when you’ve got so much to deal with, isn’t it? Such as deciding on your business structure and keeping up with all your admin and paperwork. As well as making sure you file your tax returns correctly and on time.

Then there are all the things you could be claiming tax back on that you don’t know about. Things like admin & travel costs, insurances & bank charges, advertising & stationery costs. The list goes on and on, particularly if you’re working from home and can claim even more tax benefits.

You shouldn’t be worrying about any of this, you should be having the time of your life as a sole trader! That’s why we take care of all your sole trader accounting needs and give you all the advice and guidance you need to make your business a huge success.

Startup Accounting Services


All your startup’s bookkeeping needs are taken care of. We even include subscriptions to Xero and Dext accounting software to make things easy for you.


We manage all your payroll for your employees, including auto-enrolment pension submissions.


All your startup’s accounting needs are taken care of, so you always know exactly how your startup is doing financially.
We take care of year-end accounts submissions as well as other documents such as confirmation statements.

Management Reports

We give you regular live reports. Simply log in to your Client Zone for real-time information on how your startup is doing.

Startup Advice

We’re always only a phone call away to give you all the advice and guidance you need for every aspect of your startup accounting. From VAT registration to PAYE & CIS scheme setup or anything else you need.

Tax Returns

For startups, tax returns can be confusing, time consuming and stressful. Future Cloud takes care of all your tax returns for you…

Are You Ready For Making Tax Digital?

Did you know that as a Sole Trader, the way you do your tax returns is changing from April 2026? That’s because of the Government’s new Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative.

As of April 2026, MTD will replace the current system of annual Self Assessment tax returns for sole traders. Instead of the self assessments, you’ll be required to submit four quarterly updates about your business income and expenses. You’ll also be required to submit an End of Period Statement and a Final Declaration at the end of the tax year.

Don’t worry if this sounds confusing though, because we’ll sort all this for you as well. Ensuring everything is submitted correctly and on time. So, you don’t need to waste more time learning new rules and worrying about submitting everything properly.

Still unsure of how the Making Tax Digital initiative will affect you as a sole trader? Get in touch today and we’ll explain everything for you in more detail.

This Is What Our Clients Have To Say

"As a builder, the last thing I want to do is waste my time on my accounts. I already have enough on with keeping up with my quotes and other admin. That’s why I contacted Future Cloud.

I was wary at first because I wasn’t sure I’d get my money’s worth, but they’ve been amazing. They take care of everything for me, they’re always happy to chat on the phone if I’m unsure about anything and they’ve given me loads of advice. If you’re a sole trader, stop wasting your time on your accounts and let Future Cloud do them for you, you won’t be sorry!"
Ivy Construction
"When I started as a personal trainer it was my first time being self employed so I was worried about my accounts. I contacted Future Cloud as I "knew they were local, forward thinking and use apps on my phone, which made my tax so much easier to sort! They answered all my questions and showed me everything they’d do to help. They haven’t let me down. They do all my accounting for me so I can spend more time focusing on helping my clients and building my business."
Eloise McQuaid PT
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Start Your Sole Trader Journey Today!

Think about how much more time and energy you could put into your business without having to worry about your sole trader accounting.
You won’t have to worry or stress about your cash flow, your accounting or keeping your bookkeeping organised. Because with Future Cloud, it’s all sorted for you.

Get in touch today to discuss all your accounting needs. We’ll answer any questions you may have and find out all about your amazing business. Then we can show you how we’ll make running your business so much easier and stress-free.

If you’re unsure of anything or would like to discuss your plans for the future. Or if you’d like any advice on your sole trader accounting, we’re always here for you and we’re always happy to help.

Take the hassle out of your sole trading accounting today!