My First Experience of Kuku Connect

Su Ford at her first KuKu Connect event

Why everybody needs KuKu in their lives!

By Su Ford

So, what is KuKu Connect I hear you say. Well… KuKu is a very relaxed and very social networking event, set up by Stephen Goddard and Philip Brooks-Stephenson in 2016. Events take place in Loughborough, Nottingham, Leicestershire, and Lincolnshire, being held at some wonderful venues.

My first experience of KuKu was in March 2023. I remember feeling nervous, not only because I didn’t know what to expect, but also driving somewhere I hadn’t been before.

As it turned out, I found where I was going easily, but on arrival I wasn’t the only one that could not find the actual room. I met up with a great guy and we managed to find our way eventually! And… I had made my first connection! 😊

We were greeted by Philip who made me feel really at ease and introduced me to some of the other attendees. There were a lot of people at the event – I felt a little overwhelmed initially and I felt the imposter syndrome creeping in, but I was determined to push through, so I ignored it and got stuck into introducing myself.

There was some amazing food at the event, and I found myself at the same table as the guy who I met on my way into the event. He seemed to be the centre of the conversation around the table, he was full of stories and was an absolute mind of information; so interesting to listen to.

I sat next to a lovely lady, so full of passion and enthusiasm, it was infectious. We chatted about social media, Tik Tok and life stories, all in only a few minutes! She told me about how she had recently started her own Virtual Assistant business. We swapped details and have kept in touch, catching up at a couple of the KuKu events since.

I came away absolutely buzzing, I had had such a lovely evening, I had survived, and I had enjoyed it.

I didn’t know what to expect at my first networking event, my first KuKu, but what can I say… what a wonderful bunch of people, all so knowledgeable, interesting, and happy to share their knowledge and expertise. The passion and support in the room is amazing and it’s an absolute pleasure to be part of such a community.

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